Influencer Badge™

Influencer Badge™

Influencer Badge™

Three or more! Your consistency in inspiring others to pack their bags and go, gets you the Influencer Badge™! To achieve this, you must make a third submission after you have earned your Wildcard and Storyteller badges.

The Influencer Badge™ also wins you a free book! Get started!

Quick Steps to Earn the Influencer Badge™
  • Read. Browse few of the current stories and post your comments on a minimum of three articles. We just want you to become familiar with our style of writing and announce your presence!
  • Write. Let our minimalist submission guidelines help you draft your own piece, choose photographs to attach, and send it all to us via email.
  • Engage. Follow the 10-10-10 rule of engagement. After your story is published, get at least ten people to like your article, get at least ten unique comments, with each comment at least ten-words long. That’s it.

How Does it Work?

We will review your submission, and if necessary, exchange a few emails with you to help polish your article and / or discuss the images you have submitted. When we are sure that the package will make you look good, we will proceed to publish your story. That’s it. It’s that easy! We are eager to hear from you. Tell us what you have in mind. Write now! Check out our minimalist submission guidelines.

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