Submission Guidelines

Sharing your backpacking story should be easy. We stand by that. So, keeping with the minimalist agenda that backpackers live by, here is a list of essentials. Send your articles to [email protected] with a subject line ‘Guest Column’.

A Minimalist Agenda
  • The Story: All submissions, written in English, must be a minimum of 800 words, be easy to read, formatted using Microsoft Word, and indicate where to insert pictures.
  • The Imagery: All submissions must be accompanied with captioned, good quality images. You must own copyrights to those pictures or suggest relevant public domain photographs (creative commons) while clearly providing credits.
  • The Author: We will proudly feature you as an author in the Dorm of Fame™. Please help us by providing your full name, an email id (preferably a Gravatar-linked email id – it allow us to automatically pick up your public profile image too), social media Ids (Facebook, Google, etc.), and a brief description (50-75 words) about yourself.
Before and After Queries
  • What Should My Article Look Like? For a point of reference to draft your post, please feel free to browse some of our current stories, including guest columns. You may also send us specific queries by hitting the blue Messenger button.
  • How To Track My Submissions? We will be interacting with you regularly through the publishing process. As a contributing author, you are subscribed to receive publish-notifications directly in your inbox. Other than that, we encourage you to follow our Facebook page to get notified when we publicize your post.