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Blogger , Mizohican
Writing since 2005, Kima is a popular blogger from Mizoram. He is well traveled and mainly writes about issues from North East India. Other than that, he is a game designer, former Co-Founder & Chief Ninja at FITH Media, foodie, blogaholic, Metal lover, Gooner 4 life, IIMB drop-out, paani puri addict, and a Tattoo fanatic!
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...Everything is narrated so well...(Click to Read Full Review)

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Everything is narrated so well, right from the start of their journey with their personal first-hand experience on the ground to planning for their next destination. Even though I am from the North East, there were many places they had gone to that I had never been before, and it made me want to re-discover my neighboring states as well.
Regarding the section from the book about Mizoram, there were a few spelling errors on some local places, words and names, but that is fine, as the book is not written by a localite. Such minor errors make the journal even more authentic. But if I was to give my critique, then I guess it would be the fact that Abhijeet didn't talk about his experience of getting an ILP (Inner Line Permit) to enter Mizoram. Even though he mentioned about the ILP a couple of times and where one can get it from, it would be very helpful for aspiring backpackers to know what is the exact process of getting an ILP, whom to approach etc. to make it an even more descriptive first-person narrative.
By the way, I am so jealous of Abhijeet and Navita because they had even gone to Rih Dil, considered as "the biggest lake in Mizoram, which lies in Burma" 🙂 Yeah one has to actually cross the Indo-Myanmar international border to go to this lake, which plays a pivotal role in our Mizo folklore. I've always wanted to go there, and they beat me to it. Rih Dil is on the top of my bucket-list, and it is my dream wedding destination.
- Excerpt of Book Review by Kima De Mizohican
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Prithwi, a sociology graduate with a diploma in journalism, has nurtured his passion to write travel columns since early school days. After years in the private sector, he found his dream assignment with Assam Agricultural University and met some amazing people with similar interests. Together, they have have started the first bilingual (Assamese and English) travel print magazine to promote North East India and the hobby of travel, in general. When not at work, he’s is a DXer and philatelist.
Book Review
...’stole my heart’...’masterpiece’ (Click to Read Full Review)
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Travel Blogger , Recipe4Travel
Swati is a full time professional and a passionate travel blogger. She loves traveling, exploring new places and sharing her travel experiences. She lives in Bangalore with her super supportive husband and two adorable kids.
Book Review
...This work is North East India unplugged... (Click to Read Full Review)

The Rave Terminal ImageTraveler’s hesitate to explore India’s North East due to a general dearth of information or reliable testimonials. So, when Abhijeet Deshpande reached out to me to review his book ‘Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey’ , I willingly agreed. Read this candid review of a book, based on journeys deep inside the region by two backpackers. This work is North East India unplugged!

No Sugarcoating

With so little known about the eight states of India’s North East, a work like this is bound to raise a reader’s interest. What I liked is that while the book brought these states closer to me, it did not shy away from talking about the nuisance and futility of bandhs and the visible impact of receding insurgencies – in one of the chapters, the author narrates how they had to break an overnight journey at Mizoram-Tripura border to avoid being abducted! It talks to the potential hardship in certain remote areas, when we take things for granted, such as ATMs running out of cash! It brings out the dos and don’ts. For instance, not speaking ill about anyone, tricks to avoid mosquito-bites, not stepping out after dark, and most importantly, paying heed to local advice. At the same time, the book highlights people’s and government’s empathy, willingness, and ability to help. Which means, should you venture into places that the author recommends, you are in good hands!

Read more at Recipe4Travel!

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Book Critic , Appielicious
Apurva Tupdale, a curious cat, has found solace in the words she reads and writes. Secretary by profession and full-time dreamer, she finds everything in this world fascinating. She also is a noted book reviewer and short story writer on her own blog. Her poem is published by Half Baked Beans in a e-book anthology called "The Poems of Bean Bakers". She is still a work in progress for achieving her main goal of being a published author.
Book Review
...This curious journey will indeed keep you on toes... (Click to Read Full Review)
The Rave Terminal Image‘Travel across India’ is almost on everyone’s ‘To-do-before-I-die list’ and this guide to go backpacking to Northeast India is just what one needs to carry around. Abhijeet Deshpande along with his wife Navita embarks a journey which will make you jealous of pure and unfiltered travel experience, which is very skillfully penned down in Backpacking North East India.  This curious journey will indeed keep you on toes as you are enthralled to see the cities, tourist must-visit places, and the lesser known spots as well. The book takes you hopping from one place to other showing you the culture, local people, and rituals. We get to take part in this expedition first hand while reading through their story. However, it is not just a story about travel; there are various other aspects to it. You get to go on an adventure, feel the fear, know the happiness, capture the enchanted scenes, and to let your imagination run wild.
To Read or Not To Read:
Abhijeet Deshpande is a traveller by choice and certainly good at creating a picturesque representation of his journey through his words. Minimalistic travels have been the author’s forte and he has been at it for over 20 years now. This book is written in a simple language making it easy to understand and would certainly be handy whilst planning your travel to North East India. The detailed outlines of each place of visit and the challenges faced throughout the journey make it easier for the reader to stay connected throughout the end. The personalized writing style distinguishes this book from others. So, when you are planning your next trip, you know just where to look for! Grab your copy now.
- Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey: Book Review by Apurva Tupdale