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A Minimalist Agenda
  • The Review: How to write a review is at your discretion. If you like, you may refer to these book reviewing guidelines. We only request that reviews be written in English, be a minimum of 500 words, include book’s meta, be easy to read, and be published within 30 days of accessing the eBook.
  • Book Meta: Reviews should include – (1) book’s full title (Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey), (2) book’s front cover image (click to open), (3) author’s name (Abhijeet Deshpande), (4) link to Backpacking Series’ home page, (5) link to Amazon’s book page (Amazon India or Amazon International), and (6) book’s ISBN (ISBN-13: 978-1946556790).
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Queries and Access to Author

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