Backpacking North East India – A Curious Journey

About Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey

For various reasons, North East India has remained on the fringes of travel maps. Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey offers a portal and might nudge you to pack your bags. The book follows the footsteps of two backpackers, as they explore a relatively uncharted territory for over four winter months, and expand their idea of a nation. Perhaps the first of its kind, the book covers all eight states of the region and tries to break few stereotypes. Readers will get useful anecdotal evidence for queries such as ‘is it safe to travel in north east India?’, or ‘how to backpack north east India?’.

The book is written, sort of, in an ‘on-the-move’ style and steers its reader on a journey of choicest of experiences, locations, and reflections. You may buy your copy from these fabulous stores below.

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Abhijeet Deshpande is an accidental nomad. His stints in corporate and diplomatic organizations have offered him opportunities to immerse in various cultures. Over time, the frequency and length of his travel has steadily risen. To keep up, his choices have been changing too—from planned holidays to spontaneous ones, from fixed schedules to flexible ones, and from working full-time assignments to freelancing. Be it backpacking the wilderness or exploring urban landscapes, Abhijeet has been a minimalist traveler for over twenty years and counting.

He is married to Navita, an equally zealous traveler. Together, they continue to slow-travel the world and curate long-reads on Backpacking Series. Read more about the duo in the Who We Are section.