What is Backpacking Series about?

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Slow Travel. Long Reads.

What is Backpacking Series about?
About Us!

Backpacking Series is a space dedicated to experiences and opinions of budget travelers, hikers, divers, bikers, and just about most outdoorsy people. Subscribe and read interesting travel anecdotes, discover places to explore, and find the inspiration to get going! We are always looking to learn from your experiences. Find out how to get featured!

Who We Are

We are a set of contradictions and more. We are minimalists and thrive on comforts. We are perfectionists and imperfect ourselves. We are divergent and mindful of social norms. We are inventive and seek continuity too. We are easy-going and anxious about life-changes. Perhaps, there isn’t a contradiction that does not reside inside of us. We fulfill our curiosity, balancing these, one at a time. Likewise, we like to settle down and explore too.

Travel enriches our conversations and social lives. We love to share our experiences. And. If there’s anything that excites us more than sharing our travel story, it is sharing yours. Hence this platform. Are you a traveler or enjoy reading travel pieces? We would be delighted to hear from you or meet up for coffee. Email us now!

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Send us a message with your location and, next time we are in your area, we would be delighted to see you. Tell us your story or show us your neighborhood. We might just feature you!

Seeking Help with Blind Spots

Your feedback is mission-critical. Course-corrections keep us on the right track. If, while browsing our site, you had this ‘there’s-something-wrong-on-the-Internet’ moment, please write to us. We will see what we can do. We mean it!